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Auto Repair in Independence, MO

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Transfer Case Repair in Independence, MO

Come to KC Auto Solutions in Independence, MO, if you need work on your transfer case. Our auto mechanics have the tools and know-how to put your transfer case together again; we make auto repair honest and transparent! Transfer your worries to us and let us help you with all your transfer case needs.

The transfer case is an integral part of your vehicle's drivetrain. It regulates engine power to the wheels to ensure good traction and control. A bad transfer case means less control and more reliance on good situations around your car– something you never want to leave to chance.

Let KC Auto Solutions in Independence handle your transfer case repairs! Joshua Morgan opened KC Auto Solutions in 2017. Our family-owned & operated business has five bays and "factory-trained" Technicians and Master Technicians who care about our customers. We work to make auto repair easier, and we offer after-hours drop-offs, shuttle services, DVIs, and more. Want a second opinion? Here's one from a five-star review on our website by a happy customer:

"Josh is a great mechanic that went over everything with me thoroughly, so I fully understood everything that needed to be done. There was no extra fluff thrown in, just the precise scope of work required. I was very impressed with their ability to quickly get me in and out. I will definitely be taking all of my work to them in the future and recommend the shop to anyone I talk to." -- Travis W.

Is the time right for your transfer case to receive a mechanic's attention? If so, schedule your appointment today with the auto mechanics of KC Auto Solutions in Independence to restore, maintain, and protect your vehicle with excellence in auto repair. Our shop is located at 1223 West Truman Road, Independence, MO, 64050. KC Auto Solutions is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. There is nothing in a car that we aren't comfortable working on!