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Auto Repair in Independence, MO

Mon-Thu: 7:00 AM- 6:00 PM

Clutch Repair and Service in Independence, MO

If you need work done on your clutches or manual vehicles, come into KC Auto Solutions and work with one of our skilled auto mechanics. Our auto repair technicians are well versed in numerous vehicles and have been serving the Independence community since 2017. 

Clutches are an essential part of a manual vehicle; they're also the ones that might go through the most wear and tear. When it's time for new clutches, you may notice your clutches vibrating when you move it, hear strange noises coming from the pedal, or have issues with shifting gears. Just as it's rare to find someone who can still drive a stick shift these days, it can be hard to find a trustworthy auto mechanic who knows how to do adequate clutch repairs. You can put your trust in KC Auto Solutions in Independence! Whether you've had new drivers learning how to work the stick shift or it's just that time, let KC Auto Solutions replace your clutches and check out what's going on with your vehicle. 

KC Auto Solutions in Independence was opened in 2017 by Joshua Morgan in the same building that has been in operation as a transmission shop since the 1940s. At KC Auto Solutions, we work on the 300% rule: 100% of cars get a Digital Vehicle Inspection, 100% of the problems found on the DVI get an estimate, and 100% of the estimate gets presented to our customer! And why do we do this? We're about building relationships with our customers, informing them of the issues, and working with them to make a game plan to tackle their issues, one at a time. Check out what one of our loyal customers said about our services: 

"Great service, on time, and well done. Josh is super friendly and shoots you straight. I will go back next time I need service because he's trustworthy." -- Dean W. 

Need some work done on your vehicle or replacement clutches? Schedule your appointment today with the auto mechanics of KC Auto Solutions in Independence to restore, maintain, and protect your vehicle with excellence in auto repair. Our shop is located at 1223 West Truman Road, Independence, MO, 64050, and we're open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. There is really nothing in a car that we aren't comfortable working on!